About us

Evzoi is a place where you can find beautiful things to add to your day. Those things you love to wear, affect you and have the power to make your mood.

It's a place where you can find great gifts for your beloved friend, sister, bridegroom, teacher and give her the chance to smile!

It is a place made to offer comfort, freedom, joy, beauty, love, well- being, euphoria.

Lovely clothes in simple forms made of beautiful fabrics with movement and clean lines. Comfortable sandals in bright shiny colors. Swimsuits that you can wear in the sea, swimming pool and land, as a piece of clothes that will look elegant through your airy clothes. Colors, fragrances and thoughtful details. Accessories and jewelry combined with each other for the whole day, for every day, wherever you are. On the beach, in the countryside, in the office, in a visit to colleagues, in your favorite bar, restaurant, cinema, friends' house.

Evzoi is a meeting point for all of us, women who, among so many obligations, have time to look at the sunset. Care for ourselves, care for those we love. For us who love our body and our feminine side. For us who love the light and the sun, but also the stars at night. For us that we love life and we want to live every moment.

Are you coming with us?